Can I Come Back To The UK For Work Having Left Unpaid Accounts There?

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Question I left the UK about 3 years ago when my student Visa was up. I left a mobile phone account, and a few small credit cards. I have a job offer back in England and am worried these accounts may affect my travels there, or I may be arrested at the airport. Answer Hi, […]

Can Being in Debt Affect Getting a Visa in The UK?

And this question does not pertain to a Visa, like a credit card, but a Visa to live here in the UK. This is a Well Asked Question One of the many questions I have been asked over the years, again and again, and it does not fade away, is that of being in debt, […]

Having Debt in One Country and Travelling to Another

One of the things on everyone’s mind these days is, when can I travel again? When can I go on holiday, go away, get out of the country for a change? When you think about it, we do like our holidays and travelling, and we have been locked-up, or locked down, technically for over a […]