Should I Take Out a Loan To Get Married?


Question Jon, I want to marry my partner, but cannot afford a ring or a wedding. I can take out a loan as I have good credit, and that would pay for everything. I just wonder if going into debt for the ring and wedding is a good idea. Thomas Answer Thomas, I cannot say […]

Do Not Go Into Debt For These 4 Things

This little list of what not to go into debt for is obviously going to be subjective, as there are those that feel borrowing money for anything or any reason is OK, as long as you can afford to repay the debt. And to some extent, that is all fine and OK. However, not everyone […]

Should I Take a Loan To Finance My Wedding?

Question I am getting married next year. I want it to be a huge affair, and took out a loan for the engagement ring, and now plan to take out a loan for the wedding. My fiance does not know I financed her ring and am going to finance the wedding. I know we are […]