Amazon UK To Stop Accepting Visa For Payments

Visa credit card

In quite a surprise move, Amazon UK is stated they will no longer accept Visa credit cards for payments and purchases as of January 19, 2022! That is a bit of a shocker. Amazon stated this was due to the high transaction fees Visa charges, however, Visa debit cards will still be accepted. Naturally for […]

Can I Get UK Citizenship With a CCJ?

Question I currently live in the UK and had a spouse Visa, and now have an ILR. I wish to apply for UK Citizenship, but I am concerned as I have a CCJ, which I am paying off, and I also have some other small debts. Will the CCJ or debts cause my citizenship application […]

Having Debt in One Country and Travelling to Another

One of the things on everyone’s mind these days is, when can I travel again? When can I go on holiday, go away, get out of the country for a change? When you think about it, we do like our holidays and travelling, and we have been locked-up, or locked down, technically for over a […]