People and Spending Habits – Universal Credit – Cost of Alcohol

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Shopaholics You would think that with inflation and rising prices, people would cut back on spending money, and many do. However, there are still a few who do not. Read this. Is Universal Credit Working? The answer to this question will obviously be who you ask. It has helped many during the lock downs and […]

Today in UK Debt: 29/04/2022

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You Can Be In Work….But Still Need Financial Help That sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Many people work, but they may be on zero (0) hour contracts, or just not earn enough to pay all the bills. So they can then claim benefits, which is now Universal Credit, and may still […]

I Need Advice As I Am Struggling With My Bills

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Question Hi, I am working but only a few hours a week, and I am struggling with my bills. I do not have any debt, no credit cards or loans, but I have rent, council tax, food, and weekly transport expenses to get to work. I just cannot afford to live. Now with energy bills […]

Debt and Inflation Catching Up With Us All: Especially If on Benefits


I just read some news that was a bit not nice, “Universal Credit Claimants Overwhelmed By Debt”. Not a good sign. But it is a sign of the times….unfortunately. The Times They Are a Changing… So sang Robert Zimmerman…look it up. And our times are changing now. Inflation is up, wages are not keeping pace, […]

My Tax Credits Have Been Stopped What Can They Do?

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Question I had my tax credit stopped because they said I wasn’t commercially viable, I may be asked to pay 4.000 to them. What can they do if I don’t? Helen Answer Helen, Who gave you the tax credit, was it DWP? Was the tax credit based on something related to the pandemic, and lock […]

I Was Made Redundant And Cannot Afford My Bills

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Question Jon, I was recently made redundant which I found odd as the store was hiring just when the last lock down lifted. I am challenging the redundancy, but for now I am out of work. I have researched and applied for Universal Credit, and that will help pay my rent, and food, but I […]

Is 2022 Going To Be The Year Of The “Financial Squeeze”?

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2021 is coming to a close and already is being reported that 2022 is going to be the “year of the squeeze” financial for households. As if 2021 was not bad enough, between lock downs, furloughs, supply chain issues, job losses, shops and stores closing, you have to wonder, how could it get any worse!? […]

My Benefits Have Been Cut And I Don’t Know What To Do?


Question Jon, My benefits have been cut by the extra £20 a week, I lost my job due to the pandemic, and cannot afford to live, let alone pay the credit cards I have. I am at wit’s end as to how to handle this mess! Jane Answer Jane, While it is a difficult period […]

I Can No Longer Afford To Repay My Partner’s Loan.


Question I took out a loan in my name to help my partner a few years back. I had been paying the loan as they had lost their job and had no income except for benefits. They got Universal Credit. We split up and now I have also lost my job as the company I […]

Council Tax is a Priority Bill

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A lot of people moan about paying Council Tax….and I was one of them. I pay £85 a month, and I always said, what am I getting for this money??? I know, I was getting rubbish removal, police services, fire services, plus funding the Council itself. But yet, I still moaned. Then there was the […]