Universal Credit Recipients Facing a Reduction In Their Benefits

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When the Covid pandemic hit the world last year it was not just lives that were at stake, it was also the world’s economy. You cannot put a price tag on a life, but the economy for our country and others, is a living and evolving thing. The governments realised this, and also realised that […]

I Lost My Job And Don’t Know What To Do?

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Question Jon, I lost my job a few months ago, I worked all through the pandemic as I was considered an essential worker at a food store. Now I have been dismissed with cause and have no income. I have the usual bills to pay, but just am lost as to what to do. I […]

I Was Made Redundant During The Pandemic And Still Owe a Debt.

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Question Hi Jon, I have visited this site a few times and happy to have stumbled across it. I like reading the posts and questions people ask, and now I have a question of my own. I unfortunately took out a loan just before the lock downs to do some upgrades to my home. Then […]

What is Universal Basic Income and How Can I Receive It?

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We are going to discuss what is Universal Basic Income, not the benefit known as Universal Credit. So what is Universal Basic Income?? UBI UBI or Universal Basic Income is a gauaranteed amount of money each of us will receive each month…..regardless of if we work or we do not work. It has been used […]

Being Made Redundant, Furloughs, and Finding Work in a Pandemic

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The times they are a changing…. They always are, and always will be change. The key is, we need to keep up! If you had asked someone 18 months ago if they were concerned about losing their job, being made redundant, or out of work, their answer may have been the same as many people […]