Will Being In Debt Affect My Application For a Skilled Worker Visa?

Question Jon, My Tier 2 Visa is due to expire and I am renewing it as a skilled worker Visa, but I am worried as I have some debts. I am not in arrears with any accounts, but I have a credit card with an open balance, a car on finance, and some catalogue debt. […]

Will My UK Visa Application Be Rejected For Old Debts?

Question Jon, I left the UK in 2017 as I had a temporary Visa to live there, but I overstayed by 18 months. Immigration finally caught up with me and they deported me back to my home country. I now have an offer of a job in the UK and plan to return. My question […]

Can I Get UK Citizenship With a CCJ?

Question I currently live in the UK and had a spouse Visa, and now have an ILR. I wish to apply for UK Citizenship, but I am concerned as I have a CCJ, which I am paying off, and I also have some other small debts. Will the CCJ or debts cause my citizenship application […]