Today in UK Debt: 17/6/2022

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Are Food Prices Going to Rise Even More? If you have seen or experienced it, food prices are creeping up. At first not a lot, but they are rising. As to if this will continue, depends on who you ask, and when you ask them. You may wish to read this here. Sir Mick Tests […]

Today in UK Debt: 28/03/2022

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HMRC To Do More To Collect Taxes Hey I’m the tax man…. According to the Public Accounts Committee, HMRC’s total tax debt is £39bn….that’s billion! They feel this is on part due to the pandemic. They also feel it needs to be collected. Collecting it can prove tricky. Many of us are struggling with our […]

Today in UK Debt: 24/03/2022

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Average Debt in The UK Did you know that the average debt per UK household as of December 2021 was £63,528! Wow! Credit card debt was £2,112, and total unsecured debt was £3,745. And inflation was up as we all know and feel as well. Read the full story and post here. Are We Borrowing […]

Can I Be Chased To India For a Loan In The UK?

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Question Hi Jon, I owe HSBC £10k and I need to leave the country due to some issues back home in India. I obviously cannot repay the loan and I need your advice. Can they trace me back in India and force me to collect the debt? Answer Hi, Have you spoke with HSBC regarding […]

How Much Debt Does The UK Have Due To The Pandemic?

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Pandemics are not cheap. You have the loss of lives, productivity, jobs, and the economic impact of lock downs, add in some government furlough money, and increased benefits, and it all adds up to billions of pounds, in this case, the UK government debt is now at £2.2 trillion! Yes, trillion! When all is said […]

Do I Need to Pay Accounts I Left In The UK?


Question I left the UK in 2012 after my Visa expired, and when I left I owed a mobile contract, a credit card and a small loan. In total I owed maybe £5,000. I am coming back to the UK on a work Visa which my employer has obtained for me. My questions are: Will […]