Can I Get UK Citizenship With a CCJ?

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Question I currently live in the UK and had a spouse Visa, and now have an ILR. I wish to apply for UK Citizenship, but I am concerned as I have a CCJ, which I am paying off, and I also have some other small debts. Will the CCJ or debts cause my citizenship application […]

Can Being in Debt Affect Getting a Visa in The UK?

And this question does not pertain to a Visa, like a credit card, but a Visa to live here in the UK. This is a Well Asked Question One of the many questions I have been asked over the years, again and again, and it does not fade away, is that of being in debt, […]

Will a CCJ Affect Getting Citizenship In The UK?

Question I am applying for Citizenship here in the UK and there is a Good Character requirement part on the application. I am concerned my application could be denied as I am in some debt and have a CCJ, which I am making payments towards. I have lived in England for over 10 years now, […]

Will Having a CCJ Affect Getting UK Citizenship?

Question I am living in the UK under a ILR and am now seeking Citizenship. In completing the application to become a UK Citizen there are questions related to good character. I have lived in the UK for over 10 years, and have found myself in debt, and I have a CCJ, and also I […]