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It is Not Just The Cost of a Wedding But Also The Cost of Attending a Wedding Weddings are back now after the lock downs and they are still not cheap. Average wedding costs can vary hugely depending on the type of wedding you wish to have. But there also is the expense of attending […]

I Owe Medical Bills In America

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Question Hi, and I hope you can help me. I went to America when the lock downs were lifted and took ill, very ill. I had to be hospitalised and my medical bills there are in the tens of thousands of dollars. I have been receiving collection notices from a company in America threatening me […]

Today in UK Debt – 06/05/2022


Here’s a Company You Want to Work For One word..OK two words.. craft beer…and Brewdog. Wait that is three words. The CEO of Brewdog, James Wyatt, is going to give 20% of what he owns in the company to the employees. Read about it here. If you know the history of the brewery, it is […]

What Are Holidays Going To Be Like This Year?

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According to the government and the Prime Minister, Covid is over….not really, but the worst of it is…if we are to believe what we hear and read. All restrictions are to be lifted, and free Covid tests are to be stopped, and life will now go on as the new normal. Yes, I am being […]

There Is An Insurance Policy For Everything

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Anything of value, can be insured. Sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Ask any insurance agent. We all know the basic insurance policies: Life Insurance: When you die, your family or beneficiary gets a sum of money. Car Insurance: If you want to drive on UK roads and motorways, you need car […]

Travelling Costs Are Now Up And Down

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Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth, but the above statement is true. As of October 4th of this year, the UK changed their complex travel system, from green, amber, and red, to just green and red. Red countries have harsher travel restrictions, some restricted entirely. The United States have stated that […]

Get Ready World….The Skies Are Opening Up…And So Is The Economy


It was announced this week the travel ban for UK and EU Citizens to the USA will be lifted in early November; for those fully vaccinated. While the details have not been fully fleshed out, it would appear the Internation Skies are opening. Prior to this announcement, here in the UK, we have changed our […]