I Think I Need To Go Bankrupt

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Question I believe I need to go bankrupt. I have done some research on your web site, and also on others. I owe £50,000 plus from a failed business, I have no real assets in my name, I live with my partner, and he is not on any of the loans, and I am not […]

My Benefits Have Been Cut And I Don’t Know What To Do?

Question Jon, My benefits have been cut by the extra £20 a week, I lost my job due to the pandemic, and cannot afford to live, let alone pay the credit cards I have. I am at wit’s end as to how to handle this mess! Jane Answer Jane, While it is a difficult period […]

What Can I Do About My Elderly Mother’s Debts?

Question Hi Jon, I have followed your web site and the advice you have given and now need some advice of my own. My mother is 85 and her health is failing. She does not own her property, it is a Council house she has lived in for 80 years. Yes, 80 years, it was […]

The Price You Pay For Being In Debt

What is the price you pay for being in debt? It is not your immortal Soul…..but there is a price. So what is the price or prices you pay for being in debt? I will only address two (2) here, but there are more. Interest and Charges For many people who are in debt and […]

I Am Closing My Business And Have Debts And Am Unsure What To Do?

Question I have an interesting debt problem, and I hope you can help. My business is closing down, the trade is just no longer there. I am in retail, just a small privately own shop. I owe about £20,000 in debts, and still owe on my rent for the shop, and also I am late […]

I Am Stressed About My Debt And Need Advice!

Question Hi and I hope you can provide some advice. I was placed on furlough when the pandemic hit, and now have been made redundant. I have a lot of debt due to living off of credit cards and trying to manage paying my mortgage. I am tired of it all. I looked into an […]

I Am a Pensioner In Debt What Can I Do?

Question Dear Jon, I am a pensioner age 83 and owe about £9,000 in debt to various credit cards, and a catalogue. I only receive my pension and some help from the state and just cannot afford to pay these debts and live at the same time. I was wondering if you had any advice. […]

I Am in Poor Health and Have Debt, What Can I Do?

Question I have debts totally around £15,000 and no way to repay them. I cannot work due to poor health and am now only receiving benefits. I do not own any property, and can barely afford to live on what I receive. I need to be done with these debts. What can I do? Desperate […]