Today in UK Debt – 06/05/2022


Here’s a Company You Want to Work For One word..OK two words.. craft beer…and Brewdog. Wait that is three words. The CEO of Brewdog, James Wyatt, is going to give 20% of what he owns in the company to the employees. Read about it here. If you know the history of the brewery, it is […]

I Have Been Offered a Job In The UK But Left Unpaid Student Loans

Question I left the UK in 2015 as my student Visa was up and I had to move back to my home country. I left behind some bills, like a mobile phone contract, my student loans, an overdraft, and also a credit card. I have been offered a job in the UK and want to […]

Proposals To How Student Loans Are Repaid

For many young people, university is a goal, they want to enter into higher education and learn more. Learn more of a specific discipline. Which is fantastic, education and the more we know, the better. However, this education and knowledge comes at a price….a high price. Currently most universities can and do charge £9,250 a […]

I Want To Go Bankrupt To Get a Fresh Start

Question Jon, I will give you an overview of my situation, and then also let you know my plans. I would just like a second opinion. I met my ex-wife at uni and were married and now have 2 children. My debts are as follows: 1 Credit card with a balance of about £3,000 A […]

Is Student Loan Debt Worth It?

Question This is sort of debt related, but also just seeking advice. My parents want me to go to uni next Autumn, which is OK. It costs £9,000 a year, and my degree will take 3 years to complete. In addition to the tuition costs of £9,000 per year, I also will have other expenses. […]

Can I Include Student Loans in Bankruptcy?

Question I was a uni student 3 years ago and took out student loans, which now total almost £19,000. I have not been working at all and seeing the statements of what I owe makes me ill. I also owe a few other accounts which total £3,000. I want to go bankrupt and start out […]