Can a Debt In The EU Be Collected In The UK?


Question Hello, I left debts back in my home country in the EU about 19 years ago. Then today I was contacted via email by a collection agency in that country demanding I pay this incredible amount of money. I believe I owed £3,000 when I left and now they are demanding £18,000 from me. […]

Do I Owe a Loan From 10 Years Ago?


Question Hi Jon, I took out a loan with Black Horse over 10 years ago. I ran into some financial difficulties and stopped making payments. Since then I have moved quite a few times. I have not heard from Black Horse or anyone about the loan for almost 10 years. I always check my post, […]

Can Council Tax Debt Be Statute Barred?

debt will tear us a part

Question Dukes baliffs attended my parents private house today trying to enforce some council tax debt which is from over 11 years ago they left a sheet of paper stating /threatening that they will attend again they asked for my name i never confirmed this they also told lies stating that my father stated i […]

Will I Be Stopped at The Airport When I Return to The UK?

busy airport terminal

Question Hi Jon, I lived in the UK in 2005 for 1 year, and left leaving behind an unpaid mobile phone bill, a credit card bill, and a small loan of about £500. I left the UK to move back home in Canada. I am now hoping to go back to the UK on a […]