Can I Come Back To The UK For Work Having Left Unpaid Accounts There?

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Question I left the UK about 3 years ago when my student Visa was up. I left a mobile phone account, and a few small credit cards. I have a job offer back in England and am worried these accounts may affect my travels there, or I may be arrested at the airport. Answer Hi, […]

Will I Be Taken Into Custody If I Return To The UK To See My Children?

Question My situation is that I left the UK 23 years ago and moved to the states and have not returned since 2001 and 2004 for family emergencies. My reason for fleeing was that I was paying child support for two children for 4 years with a court order and never missed. In a future […]

Moving From One Country to Another With Debt

The skies are beginning to open up again, and many of us are planning holidays abroad, and to just go away for awhile. However, there are those that are considering or looking to move to another country on a more permanent basis, move away for a few years, or possibly a retirement, or long-term move. […]