Today in UK Debt – 09/05/2022

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Post Election Results By now you should know the election results in your area. As they say, it is all over but the shouting. It appears the Tories lost a few seats and position, but the loss is not as high as many expected due to recent events. The BBC has posted early results here. […]

My Business Is In Administration What Are My Options As Guarantor?

Question Hello, I owe £35,000 to various suppliers, credit cards, and business loans, all of which I guaranteed for my company. The company has been placed into Administration as while we are still trading, we cannot afford the debts we have. I am thinking bankruptcy may be my only option here. However, I still need […]

What Is a Phoenix Company?

And out of the ashes I will arise, like a Phoenix, born again, anew! For those who may not know what a Phoenix is, it is a mythological bird that is immortal. The bird regenerates itself, and rise out of a fire or ashes to be reborn. Interesting myth. So what is a Phoenix company […]