Today in UK Debt: 16/06/2022

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Cost of Living/Stimulus Payments To Begin in July In the USA they had a stimulus package that initially gave I believe $1,400 to residents, and then another $600 later on during the pandemic. Here in the UK they are doing the same due to inflation, and the high cost of living. So…..the government here in […]

Does Getting Married Make Me Responsible For My Spouse’s Debts?


Question My partner and I of 10 years have decided to get married, we are both well into our 60’s. He has his own business and does well, but he also has a lot of outstanding debts with the company. He is a sole trader and the debts he owes are in just his name. […]

Am I Responsible For My Dead Partner’s Debts?

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Question I lived with my partner for 20 years and he recently died. I am now receiving notices in the post and on his mobile phone asking for payments on some debts he had. Am I responsible to pay his bills? Claire Answer Claire, I am sorry to hear of your loss. The only way […]