UK Collection Agencies Collecting Accounts and Debts Originated In The UAE

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Perhaps it is the time of year, being the New Year, or there are more ex-pats coming back to the UK from the UAE, but there seems to be an increase in collection efforts with UK collections firms collecting debts that originated in the UAE. There is one firm in particular that seem to be […]

Can Debts Be Sold?

I Received a Call From a Collection Agency Collecting an Account I had In Another Country. You took a leap of faith, a job offer in another country, packed up the family and moved to Beverly…..I mean, packed up and moved to a new new and different country. You settle into the new country, learn […]

Can I Be Chased in The UK For Debts I Left in Dubai?

Question Hi, and I hope you can help. In 2015 I worked in Dubai, moving there from England. I had a job offer, it paid well, and I was excited about the change. I worked in Dubai until 2019, then one day my employer said my services were no longer needed, and I was out […]