Today in UK Debt: 16/05/2022

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Counterfeits, Knock-Off’s, and Saving Money We all like saving money, especially in the times we are experiencing now. And not all of us can afford to buy the name brands of clothing and other items, so we may go with “knock-off” brand, a perfume with a similar scent, shoes that look the part, etc. Retailers […]

Today in UK Debt: 02/05/2022

Now that the Bank Holiday weekend is almost behind us, it is time to get back to things. Passport Warnings The skies, and planes are opening up again, and holidays are being booked. But we are being warned about our passports, and what to check for before we set off to the skies. Most people […]

Today In UK Debt: 27/04/2022

The Cost Of Moving House We all know that it is not cheap to move house. You have the actual cost of moving, physically packing up all your belongings and having them moved to another location. I call moving day, the day you touch everything you own. You also have the expense of setting up […]

Today in UK Debt: 12/04/2022

So How Much Debt Does Each Of Us Have???? Have you ever wondered how much debt each of carries??? It can depend on the day, and who you ask, but many of us do carry some debt; even if it a mortgage loan. The Money Charity have put together some statistics, that may be worth […]

Today in UK Debt: 04/04/2022

The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage Have Increased As of the first of this month, workers receiving the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage will see an 11.9% increase. That is a pretty healthy increase. It is thought this will benefit 2.5 million workers, and put an extra £1,000 annually in […]

Today in UK Debt: 31/03/2022

Disposable Cash to Drop This Year We all hopefully know that inflation is on the rise, and we will soon feel it….if we have not already. Food prices are going up, petrol is off the chart expensive, and not a good time to feed or have a pet. You can read more here. More Bank […]