The Four Letter Word That Is Debt

various forms of debt

To some the word “debt” is one of those four letter words we should try to avoid, or find ourselves in, however the reality of debt, and being in debt is almost inescapable. There will always be the debate as to what is good debt and what can be considered bad debt, but the facts […]

How Can I Pay Off My Old Debts?

credit cards

Question A few years ago I defaulted on a credit card and also a catalogue bill I had. I was in a bad place and just did not pay them. Now I want to clear this up as I am back working and can afford to pay them. In total I owe about £2,000. How […]

What is an Offset Mortgage and Should I Consider One?

a house and savings

The formula that is usually used by lenders to determine interest rates for a loan is: High Credit Score = Low Interest Rate Low Credit Score = High Interest Rate However, then comes a pandemic, and the economy takes a dive, and while that formula of how you may receive a low interest rate for […]