Can I Get a Mortgage in Canada With Unpaid Debts in The UK?

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Question I lived in the UK as a student for a few years and left the UK 2 years ago. When I left I had some unpaid bills, a credit card, an overdraft, and a mobile phone contract. In total I owed about £4,000. I now live in Canada and am getting a mortgage to […]

What is an Offset Mortgage and Should I Consider One?

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The formula that is usually used by lenders to determine interest rates for a loan is: High Credit Score = Low Interest Rate Low Credit Score = High Interest Rate However, then comes a pandemic, and the economy takes a dive, and while that formula of how you may receive a low interest rate for […]

4 Common and Simple Mistakes We Make That Could Have Our Mortgage Application Denied!

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Underwriting a loan: this is the process a company, usually a bank/lender or insurer takes on the calculate the risk of the loan or the insurance policy. Back in Time….. Many moons ago, getting a mortgage was a complicated and complex procedure. You applied for the loan, provided the required documents, wage slips, bank statements, […]