How Flexible Are Creditors When You Are Struggling With Payments?

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I have always advised clients and those seeking advice, if you are struggling with repaying a loan or debt, let the bank or lender, or credit card company know of this. They may be able to help, they may have some in-house programmes to assist you with the payments. Granted, many creditors cannot assist someone […]

Why Am I Rejected For Credit?

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Question I took out a loan a few years back and paid it off, but now cannot seem to get any credit. The loan was the only loan I ever had, and as I stated I paid it off in full as agreed. But now when I apply for a credit card, I am always […]

I Cannot Repay a Loan And Don’t Know What To Do


Question Unsure what to do. I left Belfast 6 months ago and I took out a loan right before I left, and now I live in Wales and don’t have a job, so I cannot pay the loan. The loan was for £1,000. I am unsure what to do. Answer Hi, Have you spoke to […]

Should I Take Out a Loan To Get Married?


Question Jon, I want to marry my partner, but cannot afford a ring or a wedding. I can take out a loan as I have good credit, and that would pay for everything. I just wonder if going into debt for the ring and wedding is a good idea. Thomas Answer Thomas, I cannot say […]

Do Not Go Into Debt For These 4 Things

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This little list of what not to go into debt for is obviously going to be subjective, as there are those that feel borrowing money for anything or any reason is OK, as long as you can afford to repay the debt. And to some extent, that is all fine and OK. However, not everyone […]

How Do I Get a Loan With Bad Credit?


I Have Bad Credit How Do I Get a Loan? This is a question I get asked many times over the years, and my answer or answers are still the same. There are ways to get a loan with bad or poor credit, more importantly a low credit score. But you first have to deal […]

Paying a Loan Off Early And Pre-payment Penalties

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When you take out a loan, on the surface it may all seem so easy and simple. You complete a loan application, submit your details, the lender reviews the application, checks your credit history and credit score, and with some banks and lenders, within 24 hours, bam! The money is in your bank account. While […]

I Need Advice to Cancel a Loan

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Question I need advice on how to cancel a loan I took out. I needed the money to buy a car, so I took out a personal loan for £5,000, but I got financing at the dealership, so I no longer need the loan. How can I cancel the loan? Cheers! Dan Answer Dan, There […]

I Can No Longer Afford To Repay My Partner’s Loan.


Question I took out a loan in my name to help my partner a few years back. I had been paying the loan as they had lost their job and had no income except for benefits. They got Universal Credit. We split up and now I have also lost my job as the company I […]

Debt And Credit In a Digital Age

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Sometimes I cast my mind back, back to a time when if you needed a loan, you went to your local bank, spoke to the Bank Manager or Loan Officer, completed a loan application and waited. You waited for the loan committee to meet, usually on a Wednesday, and they approved your loan. In some […]