A Trader Did Shoddy Work And I Do Not Want To Pay For It.

construction worker

Question Jon I hope you can help me here. I bought new windows for my home and also had a conservatory added on. The trader who did the work put me in contact with a finance company who granted me the loan to have the work done. I signed all the papers, and the money […]

How Do Lenders Determine Affordability For a Loan?

When you apply for a loan, the bank or lender looks at two main factors: Your credit and credit score. Affordability, can you afford to repay the loan. When you apply for a loan and a lender looks at your credit report and credit score, it is a done deal. Your credit score is what […]

The World Of Credit And Lending Is Changing

The Covid pandemic has changed a lot of how we live and what we do. Who would have thought just 18 months ago we would be wearing face masks everywhere we go, getting vaccine jabs, working more from home, or being on furlough, and using so much hand sanitiser we cannot find it in stock […]

What Are The Two Main Factors In Getting Approved For a Loan?

Applying for a loan these days could not be easier, everything is done online. All our banking can be done online now as well. You can pay bills, transfer money, even pay in cheques using a mobile application. Cheques? When was the last time anyone used a cheque? The fact is with most things financial […]

What Are The Different Forms of Credit and Loans?

If you looking into the world of credit and loans, you may be surprised at the different types of credit that can be extended to you, and that credit is extended in the form of a loan. However, there are many different types of loans. Loans Fall Into Two Different Categories In discussing the various […]

The Relationship Between Lenders and Borrowers

The process of lending and borrowing money has changed over the years, but the actual event, someone who lends money and someone who borrows money has not changed. Gone are the days of going to the bank, seeing a loan manager, filling out a paper application, and then waiting for the loan committee to meet […]

What Details Do I Need to Show to Apply For a Loan?

In this age of the Internet, and its “whole new realm of mischief”, it is brought a faster and easier way to live to us. Think about how would we have got on during the pandemic and Covid if we had no Internet? There is a lot we could not have done, or been able […]

The Pandemic Has Created a Huge Pent-Up Demand

If you sit down and give it some thought, we have been in some form of a lock down for over a year! A year of our lives has been spent locked down. Amazing when you really think about it. So for that time, life for many has stopped. No going to work, no going […]

Should I Financially Help Out Friends and Family?

It is a dilemma as old as time, or at least as old as lending money and having family and friends in need of a “borrow” or loan, should I lend money to family? And should I lend money to friends? The answer many times comes in the form of an idiom or saying, “the […]