The Ever Changing Faces of Being a Landlord And Being a Tenant

tenancy agreement

In case you missed it, the world has changed, in just about every way. We experienced, and are still experiencing an unprecedented pandemic, the economy took quite a hit and so did the work/labour force, government spending went through the roof, and sadly…a lot of people got sick and died. Here in the UK we […]

What Happens If I Let My Property Be Repossessed?

Question Jon, My partner and I bought a property to let out a few years ago, and while we have had tenants in the property, they began to fall into arrears with the rent, and eventually we had to go through the process of having them evicted. When we finally got the property back it […]

What Can I Do With a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

Question Hello, I have a mortgage, which has been around 11 years now. I have another 9 months and £85,000 left to pay. It is on rent, and has a BTL mortgage. Is there anything I can do in regards to the mortgage? ThanksJasdip Answer Jasdip, I am a bit unclear as to your question? […]

How Can I Get Out Of Rent Arrears?

Question I am unsure if you can help me or not, but here goes. I have been struggling with my bills and debts since the beginning of the lock down last year. I am now back in work, I work in retail, but I am not working as many shifts as I had in the […]

I Signed As a Guarantor For My Daughter’s Flat

Question Jon, When my daughter moved out and wanted her own place to live, no estate agent or landlord would rent to her. She was young and had no credit history or any rental history. She found a place she really liked and the landlord, a private landlord, said they would let the flat to […]