My Ex-Partner Has Stopped Paying Our Debts


Question Jon, I took out a loan with my partner 2 years ago and we were both working and could afford the payments. The loan was for around £3,000 and was used to furnish our flat. The loan still has a balance although not a large one. 6 months ago my partner and I split […]

Am I Liable For My Ex-Partner’s Debts?

Question Hi Jon, My ex-partner recently passed away, and we had a joint loan he was paying, and he also had a few other business related loans. I am not the one handling his affairs or funeral, his family is taking care of all of those matters. My concern is am I liable for any […]

Who Pays The Bills And Debts In a Divorce?

Question A friend told me about your site, and said I should ask you about my situation, which is dire. My husband and I are getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I found out he has had numerous affairs, and I told him I wanted a divorce. We own a property together outright, […]