I Invested In a Company And Now Owe The Debts

taxi rank

Question Hi Jon, Thanks for having this web site to answer people’s queries and also that it is free. I recently entered into a business deal with someone I have known for a few years and I helped them start a company up. It was a taxi service, which at the time seemed like a […]

The Currents Of Currency

Just as the oceans and seas have their ebbs and flows, so does money, so does currency. And each country, has their own currency, which also ebbs and flows; meaning the rate or value of that currency changes. And there are a lot of different currencies or money for various countries out there. With the […]

I Need Advice On Investements

Question I am looking for some advice on investing a bit of money I have come into. My father died first and left everything to my mum, and now she has passed. She has left the estate to me and my 2 sisters. I don’t need the money, but would like to see it build […]

Should I Invest In Bitcoin?

Question Hi Jon, I want to invest in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, but am unsure how to do this. I wonder if you have any advice? Babs Answer Hi Babs, Investing your money can be a tricky question, things like where to invest the money, and with whom, all need to be answered. The […]

Should I Give My Friend Money For Their Business?

Question I need some advice regarding lending money to a friend of mine. I have known this friend for many years, and they want me to lend them £10,000 so they can expand their business. My questions are, should I get legal advice on this and have things put in writing, and what happens if […]

Guess Who Is The First Country to Accept Bitcoin As Currency…El Salvador!

As investments and currency goes, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are risky, not regulated, and also not accepted in many places of the world or for purchases as currency. However, many use Bitcoin as an investment, a very risky investment. The higher the risk, the higher the possible rate of return on that investment. Cryptocurrencies, such […]

Investing 101: What Should I Invest My Money In?

You probably have heard it all before, be smart, make your money work for you. And if you have money to invest, you can make your money work for you. But therein lies the rub, you need money to invest. Investment money is money outside of what you require to live on, it is a […]

Should I Invest in My Frend’s Business?

Question Jon, I m unsure if you can provide any advice here, but I thought I would ask you. A close friend has asked me to invest in his company. The business is doing well and never closed during the virus lock downs. So it seems like a sound investment. He is asking me to […]