I Left a Loan in KSA, Can Interpol Stop Me When I Travel?

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Question Worked in KSA 2017-2018. Took a loan. Final exit successful. Haven’t been able to pay. Now they are threatening Interpol. It seems the debt was sold off to Bilkish. I’ve got emails from Bilkish, tahseel, and sabb. I am currently working in Korea for another few months and am terrified about clearing customs. I’ve […]

I Am Scared To Leave The UK Due To a Debt In Dubai.


Question Hi, I left Dubai in feb 2020 after losing my job. I have been severely depressed and wasn’t able to find work back here. I had around £6000 on a credit card at the time of me leaving. From day one I have responded to the banks emails explaining my situation and offering to […]

Can I Be Chased In The UK For Debt In Dubai?


Question I am a British citizen and moved to the UAE with my family. I bought a flat in 2009 in Dubai. I have been paying the monthly payment on time till July 2020. I lost my job. The bank was unwilling to listen, negotiate or restructure the mortgage loan. I asked an expert there […]

Can I Be Reported to Interpol and Go To Jail For Unpaid Debts?

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Question I left some debts behind in Dubai, and am now being contacted by the bank there. They are saying they are going to report me to Interpol and have me arrested. Can they do that? Sherren Answer Shereen, I understand your concerns, and have a few questions. How much debt did you leave behind? […]