The Cost Of Holidays is Going Up


With the increase in the cost of just about everything, and 2022 being called the year of the “financial squeeze”, it would just follow suite that holidays would increase in prices as well. Of course dealing with these increases can be difficult, sometimes there is only so much one can do. And with so much […]

Get Ready World….The Skies Are Opening Up…And So Is The Economy

It was announced this week the travel ban for UK and EU Citizens to the USA will be lifted in early November; for those fully vaccinated. While the details have not been fully fleshed out, it would appear the Internation Skies are opening. Prior to this announcement, here in the UK, we have changed our […]

The Pandemic Has Created a Huge Pent-Up Demand

If you sit down and give it some thought, we have been in some form of a lock down for over a year! A year of our lives has been spent locked down. Amazing when you really think about it. So for that time, life for many has stopped. No going to work, no going […]