How Can I Cancel An HP Contract?

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Question Hi and thanks. I took out a car on HP a couple of years ago, and now I can no longer afford it. I was made redundant, plus the insurance and costs to run the car are too expensive. I am unsure what to do? Any advice? T Answer T, have you discussed this […]

The Four Letter Word That Is Debt

To some the word “debt” is one of those four letter words we should try to avoid, or find ourselves in, however the reality of debt, and being in debt is almost inescapable. There will always be the debate as to what is good debt and what can be considered bad debt, but the facts […]

Can I Give Back My Car on HP?

Question I bought a car on HP and have had it for over a year now. I can no longer afford the payments and want to just give the car back. Can I do this? Greg Answer Greg, For many HP/Hire Purchase contracts there is an option or clause that after a certain time period, […]

What Are The Best Ways to Finance a Car?

Passing your driving test, theory and practical, and having a driver’s license, is a license to freedom. No more bussing it, waiting in the rain and cold, no more checking the train times, and no more asking family and friends for a lift. You are free…..but only if you have a car. So passing the […]