How Can I Save The Money To Let My Own Place To Live?

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Question I need to let a place to live but cannot afford the deposit. It is a private landlord and they want 6 weeks rent in addition to me paying my first month’s rent. I am thinking I will never get out of my parent’s house at this rate. I am working, but cannot save […]

I Want To Stop Paying For a Loan I Guaranteed

Question Hi, My friend took out a loan a few years ago, and he asked me to be a guarantor, which I did. I knew him, and he was working at the time. He has not made any payments in the past 12 months and I was contacted to pay the payments, which I have. […]

What Happens To My Debts If I Am Sick And Cannot Pay Them?

Question Hi Jon, I have reviewed your web site and it has given me some good answers to my questions, but I still have one. I owe a lot of money, near £20,000, but I have a good job and can meet the payments. I own a company and it is still doing well even […]

I Owe £200,000 And Need Advice As What To Do?

Question I need some advice and help as to what I can and cannot do. My situation is as follows: I owe £200,000 for accounts, loans and supplies I ordered for my company. The company is in just my name as a sole trader. Some of the loans I guaranteed. My company is no longer […]

I Need Debt Advice To Not Lose My Home

Question Jon, I defaulted on a huge loan for my business, which I was the guarantor. The loan was for £20,000 to begin developing a parcel of land and build a retail park. I had other investors who in turn each pledged £20,000, and in total the cost at our end was £160,000. I under […]

The Process That is Debt

I have previously written about debt being a process, not something that occurs overnight. You do not wake up and find yourself in debt….will…I suppose you can and do, but it was not overnight you got into debt. Debt is a process. The Process of Debt Everyone and every debt situation is different, if not, […]

How Can I Get All My Accounts Settled At The Same Time?

Question Jon, My situation is a bit complicated, so I will give you some background details, and also explain what I hope to do. I have in total £30,000 of debts that are in just my name, or the account were taken out for my LTD company, but I signed as guarantor. So I know […]

I Need To Go Bankrupt But Have Equity In My Property

Question Jon, I am going bankrupt due to owing in excess of £150,000 for loans I guaranteed for a company. The company has ceased trading and entered into Administration, but I am liable for the loans as guarantor. My wife and I own a property together that is valued at £200,000, but we still have […]

I Need To Avoid Bankruptcy

Question Jon I am a serious situation and need some advice. My business has been down in part due to the pandemic and lock downs, but it also slowed prior to this. I am at the point I am not trading at all. I have a lot of debt, near £50,000, much of it was […]