How Can I Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

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Question I need a loan to buy a car as I have found a job, but the location for work is not on any bus routes, in addition the job is working unsocial hours. I don’t need an expensive car, just a reliable one to get to and from work. The problem is I have […]

Why Did The Bank Require a Guarantor For My Loan?

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Question My question is this, I applied for a loan to do some upgrades on my home. I do not own it, I am a tenant in a housing association property. The loan was for £3,000, to buy a new fridge, washer, carpets, do painting, and in general redo the house. The bank said I […]

What is a Guarantor and What is a Guarantor Loan?

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If you have bad credit, or a low credit score due to a past history of bad credit, and need a loan, one option to get a loan are guarantor loans. Guarantor loans work this way: You have bad credit You need a loan The bank or lender asks for a guarantor You know a […]

How Can I Get a Loan Without a Guarantor?

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Question Jon, I set up a LTD last year, but due to Covid we did not start trading until this year 2021. Business is going pretty well, and in the past few weeks with the lock down restrictions being lifted, we are very busy. I need to expand the company and went to my bank […]