I Signed As a Guarantor For My Daughter’s Flat

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Question Jon, When my daughter moved out and wanted her own place to live, no estate agent or landlord would rent to her. She was young and had no credit history or any rental history. She found a place she really liked and the landlord, a private landlord, said they would let the flat to […]

What is a Guarantor and What is a Guarantor Loan?

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If you have bad credit, or a low credit score due to a past history of bad credit, and need a loan, one option to get a loan are guarantor loans. Guarantor loans work this way: You have bad credit You need a loan The bank or lender asks for a guarantor You know a […]

How Can I Get a Loan Without a Guarantor?

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Question Jon, I set up a LTD last year, but due to Covid we did not start trading until this year 2021. Business is going pretty well, and in the past few weeks with the lock down restrictions being lifted, we are very busy. I need to expand the company and went to my bank […]

I Have a CCJ, Can The Courts Take My House?

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Question Hi, I foolishly signed as a guarantor for a now ex-friend of mine. He defaulted on the loan, and I was contacted to pay. I could not afford to repay the loan, so it went to court and a CCJ was issued against me. I entered into a payment plan, but I am unsure […]