Building And Construction Firms Going Bust

cranes at a construction site

I have been seeing, and writing a lot lately about companies going bust, in part because it is what I am reading and seeing happen. Especially in my city of all places. And how do I know this? You watch a company demolish an existing building and begin to build a new one; be it […]

What Is a Phoenix Company?

And out of the ashes I will arise, like a Phoenix, born again, anew! For those who may not know what a Phoenix is, it is a mythological bird that is immortal. The bird regenerates itself, and rise out of a fire or ashes to be reborn. Interesting myth. So what is a Phoenix company […]

How Does The Energy Companies Going Bust Affect Us?

If you have watched the news or read the news, then you surely have heard about many of the energy providers here in the UK going bust, or going out of business. The companies going out of business so far are: People’s Energy Utility Point PfP Energy MoneyPlus Energy Avro Energy Green Supplier LTD It […]