I Am In Debt From Gambling And Need Help

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Question I am embarrassed by my circumstance and need some help as to what to do. I am 21 and have £7,000 in gambling debt. When I get paid I go to the shops and play the fruit machines at the pub, and at the bookies. Then I got a credit card and took out […]

Should I Go Bankrupt Due To My Gambling Addiction?

Question Jon I hope you can advise me on this matter. I owe in total over £40,000, which I know is a lot. I owe on a few credit cards, some personal loans I took out to consolidate the credit cards a couple of times, and I also owe 2 family members around £5,000. I […]

My Partner Took Out Loans in My Name What Can I Do?

Question Hi, I have seen on your web site you have answered questions like mine before, but I want to see what your thoughts are. I lived with my partner for 10 years, he had and still has a bad gambling addiction. We are no longer together mostly due to his gambling. He would gamble […]

Gambling and Being in Debt

As Kenny Rogers once sang, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’emKnow when to fold ’em”. Another saying in gambling you always need to keep in mind is “the house always wins”. So why do people gamble? For some it is entertainment, it is fun to play some of the games. For others it […]