Can I Give Money To Someone Before I Go Bankrupt?

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Question Jon, I need to go bankrupt, but first I am going to transfer £10,000 to my brother to hold onto, and I am transferring the property I jointly on with my wife into her name alone. There is some equity in the property, but we still have a small mortgage left to pay. The […]

How Can I Get All My Accounts Settled At The Same Time?

Question Jon, My situation is a bit complicated, so I will give you some background details, and also explain what I hope to do. I have in total £30,000 of debts that are in just my name, or the account were taken out for my LTD company, but I signed as guarantor. So I know […]

How Can I Settle a Debt For Less Than The Full Balance?

In looking at options and solutions to get out of debt, for some settling a debt, or paying less than what is owed can be a solution. There are two (2) caveats to this: You need the cash/money to pay the agreed settled amount, either in one lump sum payment, or in a couple of […]