Is Being in Debt Bad?

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I get asked a lot of questions over the years: Can I travel if I am in debt? Will I get stopped at the airport if I have debts? Can I get a Visa if I am in debt? Am I responsible for my partner’s debts? How to get out of debt? That is a […]

Will Consolidating My Accounts Get Me Out of Debt Quicker?

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Question Jon, I have £6,000 of debt between 2 credit cards and a personal loan. I am not in arrears, but am looking at a quicker way to pay these accounts off. I looked in a consolidation loan, and I have been pre-approved or the bank’s eligibility checker says I could get the loan. Any […]

Help, I am Being Harassed By a Collection Agency!

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Question How do I get a collection company to stop contacting me? Answer You can send them some form of correspondence either in either an email, and/or in writing via the post, requesting they cease communication with you. The issue with this is that you then may no know what they are doing, meaning they […]

Can I Get a Mortgage in Canada With Unpaid Debts in The UK?

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Question I lived in the UK as a student for a few years and left the UK 2 years ago. When I left I had some unpaid bills, a credit card, an overdraft, and a mobile phone contract. In total I owed about £4,000. I now live in Canada and am getting a mortgage to […]

Is Student Loan Debt Worth It?

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Question This is sort of debt related, but also just seeking advice. My parents want me to go to uni next Autumn, which is OK. It costs £9,000 a year, and my degree will take 3 years to complete. In addition to the tuition costs of £9,000 per year, I also will have other expenses. […]

How Can I Find Out Who I Owe?


Question Jon, I defaulted on 2 accounts a few years back and just gave up and forgot about them. I didn’t open my post or read my emails, as I knew they were from the banks. I just wanted to run away from it all. I am back working now and want to pay these […]

What Can I Do To Get out of Debt?

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Question Hi Jon, I need some advice on how to get out of the debt I am in. I owe £35,000 due to my business failing, and another £10,000 in personal debts. I am the Director of the company and guaranteed all the business loans. I am back trading, but not at the level I […]

Is Misrepresenting My Earnings For a Loan Considered Fraud?

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Over the years I have been asked this very question, in various ways, but the bottom line (no pun intended), has been: Can I Be Charged With Fraud If I Misrepresent My Income For a Loan? This question, as stated comes in many forms: I applied for a credit card and said I earn more […]

Can My Credit Score Be Lowered Due to a Disputed Account?

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Question My question is this: I have a dispute with a loan company over the last payment on a loan. They say I still owe £99, and I say I paid the loan in full. Now they are harassing me to pay this £99, which I do not owe. They say if I do not […]

Do I Need to Pay Accounts I Left In The UK?


Question I left the UK in 2012 after my Visa expired, and when I left I owed a mobile contract, a credit card and a small loan. In total I owed maybe £5,000. I am coming back to the UK on a work Visa which my employer has obtained for me. My questions are: Will […]