Can I Run Away From My Debts?

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Question I hope you can help. I owe a lot of money and lost my job a few months ago, and just want to do a runner and leave the country. I am even planning on leaving and not worrying about returning and dealing with life here ever again. Can I do this? Can I […]

Will a CCJ Affect Getting Citizenship In The UK?


Question I am applying for Citizenship here in the UK and there is a Good Character requirement part on the application. I am concerned my application could be denied as I am in some debt and have a CCJ, which I am making payments towards. I have lived in England for over 10 years now, […]

What Is a Token Payment Arrangement?

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A token payment arrangement, or token payment plan, is a way to help someone who may be experiencing a major financial change, be in debt, and needs a space or time to sort the matter out. It is similar to the “breathing space” scheme many creditors are offering. How Does a Token Payment Plan Work? […]

Should I Take Out a Loan To Go On Holiday?

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Question Hi and thanks in advance for taking my question and any advice you can provide. Since this Covid thing and being locked down my partner and I have been shut ins. We have not been out except to run to the shops for food. Now that the government is stating they are allowing holidays […]

Will Taking a Breathing Space From My Debts Affect My Credit Score?

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Question I was recently made redundant, and while I am receiving Universal Credit, it is not enough to pay the bills I have. I called my bank and my credit card and they said they would allow me 60 days to find out what my options are and to seek debt advice. So I do […]

Am I Responsible For My Dead Partner’s Debts?

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Question I lived with my partner for 20 years and he recently died. I am now receiving notices in the post and on his mobile phone asking for payments on some debts he had. Am I responsible to pay his bills? Claire Answer Claire, I am sorry to hear of your loss. The only way […]

“Breathing Space” Scheme

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I am unsure why this new “breathing space” scheme is back in the news, as not only was it something introduced a couple of years back, but most creditors have been offering it to account holders for some time now. Especially during the past year, when many people were on furlough, or lost their jobs. […]

Am I Responsible For My Boyfriend’s Debts?

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Question My boyfriend has a lot of debts, and receives calls from collection agencies all the time. He wants us to move in together in my property. I bought my house many years ago, and still have a small mortgage. I am worried if he moves in his creditors will take my house. Can I […]