What Is and What Is Not Fraud In Getting a Loan or Insurance

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I seemed to find myself being asked more and more lately what is considered fraud when applying for a loan. It seems odd when people ask me this, as if something doesn’t feel right to you, or you have provided incorrect information, or not disclosed something on a loan application, technically it is fraud. And […]

Scams, Scams, And More Scams

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The other night my phone rang and it was an unknown number, it wasn’t blocked, but it was a number I did not recognise, but I still answered it. It was some form of robo-call putting me on hold until a real person could pick up. So I put the phone down. Then in about […]

I Invested Money And Am Not Being Paid Back What Can I Do?

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Question I need some advice. I invested a large amount of money into a company and the person I gave the money to is not paying me back as we agreed. What are my options? In fact, they may have committed fraud in what they told me to get me to invest. Jack Answer Jack, […]

Is My Bounce Back Loan Fraud?

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Question Hi I am very grateful for your website! I have a bounceback loan from Covid which is from my personal business account and also an overdraft on that same account and I would really like to try and write this debt off as I understand it is fraud. I understand the basics of the […]

Can I Give Money To Someone Before I Go Bankrupt?

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Question Jon, I need to go bankrupt, but first I am going to transfer £10,000 to my brother to hold onto, and I am transferring the property I jointly on with my wife into her name alone. There is some equity in the property, but we still have a small mortgage left to pay. The […]

A New Day….A New Scam

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I have written in the past about new scams, and how not to be scammed avoiding fraudsters. However, it is getting more and more difficult to stay out of scamming and fraudster’s pool. It seems that scammers now want to go again to the point of where you get your cash, a cash machine. In […]

Have You Ever Been Contacted or Took a Job And Been a Money Mule?

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I have written before about money laundering, but it seems there is one form of money laundering that is on the rise, using “money mules”. So what is a money mule you ask….I will explain. You are asked to open a bank account, or use your existing bank account, or open a cryptocurrency account, and […]

Bank Fraud On The Rise and Biometric Approval

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You build a better mouse trap, and the mice get smarter! When the pandemic hit, and it is still here, paying for goods and services needed to change. We were already on course to be a cashless society in a few years, and Covid just quickened the pace. With becoming a cashless society, it means […]

My Partner Took Out Loans in My Name What Can I Do?

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Question Hi, I have seen on your web site you have answered questions like mine before, but I want to see what your thoughts are. I lived with my partner for 10 years, he had and still has a bad gambling addiction. We are no longer together mostly due to his gambling. He would gamble […]

Is Misrepresenting My Earnings For a Loan Considered Fraud?

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Over the years I have been asked this very question, in various ways, but the bottom line (no pun intended), has been: Can I Be Charged With Fraud If I Misrepresent My Income For a Loan? This question, as stated comes in many forms: I applied for a credit card and said I earn more […]