Cost Of Living is a Crisis – Food Bank States People Do Not Eat For Days!

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Ex-PM Gordon Brown Says We Need An Emergency Budget…..Now! Brown states families cannot “bridge the gap” in the cost of living and wages and benefits. Read more about this here. Food Bank States People Have Not Eaten in Days! We have heard and read about food banks being stretched, but having people visit them and […]

Finding a Food Bank – Council Tax Rebate – Heat Wave

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Where to Find a Food Bank Near You A few years back I volunteered at Shelter the housing charity, and we gave out food bank vouchers to people so they could get the necessary food they needed. Now more than ever, food banks are being required. Here is a link, one of many, that you […]

How Can I Give Back to Help Others?

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Question Hi Jon, I went bankrupt last year and am now discharged from that bankruptcy. The bankruptcy stemmed from in part the pandemic and being closed for so long. The company had a lot of debt, and we were struggling before the virus came, and having to be closed with no customers for as long […]

Charities, Charitable Contributions, and Doing Our Part to Help

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This web site, as well as our sister site were created and developed to not just help people get out of debt, although that is a big reason, but also to educate and advise those who have financial issues/concerns, and questions about their personal finances. This all started with Steve Rhode and today he […]