How Do I Get Out Of Debt To a Loan Shark?

shark in a suit

Question I need some help. I am in debt but to just one person who visits my neighbourhood and lends money. The interest rates are very high, I don’t even know how much they are. I borrowed £500, and every time I make a payment, the balance is not going down. He keeps saying I […]

7 Ways To Determine If A Business Is Legitimate And Trustworthy

I recently was asked to research a company here in the UK as to if they were trustworthy or not. Since we provide debt advice, this bit of research was based strictly on credit and debt. Which leads as you will see, to a major part of researching if a company is good to use […]

How Do Lenders Determine Affordability For a Loan?

When you apply for a loan, the bank or lender looks at two main factors: Your credit and credit score. Affordability, can you afford to repay the loan. When you apply for a loan and a lender looks at your credit report and credit score, it is a done deal. Your credit score is what […]

The World Of Credit And Lending Is Changing

The Covid pandemic has changed a lot of how we live and what we do. Who would have thought just 18 months ago we would be wearing face masks everywhere we go, getting vaccine jabs, working more from home, or being on furlough, and using so much hand sanitiser we cannot find it in stock […]

What Is a Loan Shark and What To Do If in Debt To One

In technical terms, a Loan Shark is someone who lends money outside of the legal and regulated government bodies. The FCA/Financial Conduct Authority is the regulator in the UK for all things credit and lending. A company must jump through the FCA’s hoops, and be in compliance with their rules and regulations in order to […]