Heathrow Tells Airline to Stop Selling Tickets – We Are Not As Smart as We Think

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Heathrow Tells Airlines No More Tickets! Heathrow airport in London has imposed a cap on the number of passengers they can deal with until September. This reduction is being told to the airlines in the form of reducing the number of tickets they sell. Read all here. UK Numeracy Skills According to charity National Numeracy […]

How Accurate Are Credit Bureaus?

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When you enter into the credit world, you then begin to have a credit report, or credit history. This credit report is a data base of your comings and going credit wise, and how you pay your accounts. Your credit file and credit score, which is a given numerical score to provide lenders and banks […]

Bank Fraud On The Rise and Biometric Approval

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You build a better mouse trap, and the mice get smarter! When the pandemic hit, and it is still here, paying for goods and services needed to change. We were already on course to be a cashless society in a few years, and Covid just quickened the pace. With becoming a cashless society, it means […]

How Often Should I Check My Credit Report?

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A question we get asked on a regular basis is how often should I check my credit report? There is no correct answer as to how often, because it can vary among those who are credit active. Some advisors state to check your credit file annually, or once a year. However, if you are very […]

Credit Scores and Moving to Other Countries

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As hopefully soon the skies open up again, not only will many of us get our long waited holidays, but some will relocate and move to other countries. Even here in the UK we recruit people from other countries for various jobs, and certain careers. It is the same in those other countries as well. […]