Can I Just Stop Paying My Bills?

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Question What happen if I just decide to stop paying my bills, and just not pay anyone? Answer Hi, That is a good, but complex question. Things such as electricity and other essentials rent, could be very problematic. Such as having energy cut off, or being evicted. Debts or accounts, such as loans, credit cards, […]

Today in UK Debt: 16/05/2022

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Counterfeits, Knock-Off’s, and Saving Money We all like saving money, especially in the times we are experiencing now. And not all of us can afford to buy the name brands of clothing and other items, so we may go with “knock-off” brand, a perfume with a similar scent, shoes that look the part, etc. Retailers […]

Will a Past Eviction Keep Me From Letting a Flat?

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Question Hi Jon, I stumbled across your site and hope you can give me some advice. A few years ago I fell on some hard times, and did not manage my money very well. I failed to pay my rent, council tax, everything but food and drink. I as eventually evicted by my landlord, and […]

Losing One’s Home: Repossessions and Evictions

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The sanctity of one’s own home. It doesn’t matter if you own your own property, or are a tenant, your home is a sanctuary, a place to not just call your own, but to feel safe, do what you want, the freedoms that come with being inside your own four walls. So losing your home, […]

We Are Due To Be Evicted What Can We Do?

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Question Hi, I and my family are due to be evicted from our home in just a few days. We have no family here to go live with, and very little money to try and find another house. We are scared to death of what will happen. We have 2 young children, one with special […]