Investing 101: What Should I Invest My Money In?

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You probably have heard it all before, be smart, make your money work for you. And if you have money to invest, you can make your money work for you. But therein lies the rub, you need money to invest. Investment money is money outside of what you require to live on, it is a […]

What is Negative Equity?

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Negative equity, or it is sometimes referred to as being “upside down”, is where an asset’s value depreciates, or goes down in value, and becomes worth less than the balance of the loan that may be against the asset. Here are two (2) examples: You buy a property for £150,000, and have a 10% deposit, […]

Should I Take Out a Loan to Improve My Property?

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Buying a property is a huge responsibility, and also a huge joy! No more Mr. or Mrs./Miss Landlord, you are the owner of all you can survey….in your own property. But again, with this joy and freedom, comes a big responsibility. If something needs to be repaired or you want to update some aspect of […]