Today in UK Debt: 13-6-2022

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Ways To Save On Petrol I have written before on ways to save money on petrol, specifically hypermile. But you can read more ways to save on petrol here. Worried About Energy Bills….You are not Alone People are spending less money on food just to pay their energy bills. Read this. The BBC should give […]

Today in UK Debt: 26/05/2022

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Why Is Chicken Getting So Expensive? We know food in general is getting more costly. I see it and feel it when I go to the supermarkets and shops. Chicken prices are going up, and it is one of our favourite meats! Here is a reason and the process why the prices are rising. Is […]

Today In UK Debt: 19/04/2022

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Are Energy Companies Raising Prices Higher The Necessary? We are not just facing, but experiencing a “cost of living crisis”. And energy regulator Ofgem, has noticed and now warned energy suppliers of fines and the lose of license if they take more money than needed by direct debit, or increasing their prices outside of the […]

Today in UK Debt: 05/04/2022

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Today Is Not a Good Day to Fly If you have ever watched the film “Little Big Man”, then you know the line in the film that “grandfather” or the actor Chief Dan George says, “it is a good day to die”. I have joked with my friends and family for years when we took […]

Today in UK Debt: 01/04/2022

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It is no April Fools….energy prices will spike beginning today. As of today, April 1, 2022, the energy price cap will increase for around 22 million people. Some households will see an increase of close to £700! Those on fixed tariffs may not see an increase, but depending on their usage of gas and electricity, […]

Life Is About To Become More Costly


In the news we have heard about quite a few energy companies going bust. This was due to the fact whole sale costs of energy was going up, and the suppliers were bound by a price cap on what they could charge. The energy suppliers costs went up, but they could not cover that cost […]