A Bit Late….But The PM Resigns


The title of this can be taken two ways, am I late or behind in writing and posting something about the PM’s resignation, or has he the PM been late and should have resigned earlier??? Either way, it has happened. What Does The PM’s Resignation Mean? The Prime Minister’s resignation, while important and significant, means […]

Debt and Inflation Catching Up With Us All: Especially If on Benefits


I just read some news that was a bit not nice, “Universal Credit Claimants Overwhelmed By Debt”. Not a good sign. But it is a sign of the times….unfortunately. The Times They Are a Changing… So sang Robert Zimmerman…look it up. And our times are changing now. Inflation is up, wages are not keeping pace, […]

Where Can I Get Advice And Help On Paying Bills And Getting Out Of Debt?

advise light bulb

This is a question I get asked a lot over not just the years, but more in recent times. The economy and world is changing, and with the Pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, many people saw a loss, or reduction in income. Today we are facing epic inflation rates, and utilities are increasing, […]

Debt Has Cycles And Does Work With Economies


Without debt there would be no economy or spending. Bold statement…but true. A quick synapse of this is as follows: As consumers we spend money. This money we spend makes the economy run and grow. We also use credit to spend the money we are spending. We may find ourselves in debt or insolvent through […]

How To Deal With The Increase In Living Costs


If we are to believe what I/we have been reading, 2022 is going to be a more expensive year, around £1,200 more expensive per household than last year. In part to pay for the pandemic, in one way or another. Prices of just about everything is going to rise: Taxes Food Utilities Petrol The list […]

Get Ready World….The Skies Are Opening Up…And So Is The Economy


It was announced this week the travel ban for UK and EU Citizens to the USA will be lifted in early November; for those fully vaccinated. While the details have not been fully fleshed out, it would appear the Internation Skies are opening. Prior to this announcement, here in the UK, we have changed our […]