I Am Worried About Unpaid Accounts I Left in Dubai


Question Jon, I recently returned from Dubai due to losing my job, which meant I lost my Visa to stay in the country. I have a few debts thee and am worried about what may happen. I just only got back in the UK and will not be working for a few months. What will […]

I Am Scared To Leave The UK Due To a Debt In Dubai.


Question Hi, I left Dubai in feb 2020 after losing my job. I have been severely depressed and wasn’t able to find work back here. I had around £6000 on a credit card at the time of me leaving. From day one I have responded to the banks emails explaining my situation and offering to […]

Can I Be Chased In The UK For Debt In Dubai?


Question I am a British citizen and moved to the UAE with my family. I bought a flat in 2009 in Dubai. I have been paying the monthly payment on time till July 2020. I lost my job. The bank was unwilling to listen, negotiate or restructure the mortgage loan. I asked an expert there […]

Can I Be Made Bankrupt in The UK For a Debt in Dubai?

petition for bankruptcy

Question I am being threatened with being made bankrupt over a debt I left in Dubai. I left Dubai 3 years ago when I lost my job, which means I lost my Visa to stay there. I had a loan I took out and also a credit card in Dubai. Now a loan collector here […]

Can I Be Chased in The UK For Debts I Left in Dubai?


Question Hi, and I hope you can help. In 2015 I worked in Dubai, moving there from England. I had a job offer, it paid well, and I was excited about the change. I worked in Dubai until 2019, then one day my employer said my services were no longer needed, and I was out […]