The Financial Cost Of Getting Divorced

Divorce Court

When a couple split up, be it a partnership, or in my example here, getting a divorce, emotions run high! There can be various reasons for the couple splitting up and getting a divorce, and some of those reasons can bring out some of the worst in us. And with emotions running so high, it […]

Who Pays The Bills And Debts In a Divorce?

Broken heart

Question A friend told me about your site, and said I should ask you about my situation, which is dire. My husband and I are getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I found out he has had numerous affairs, and I told him I wanted a divorce. We own a property together outright, […]

I Am Getting a Divorce, Who Is Responsible For Our Debts?

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Question Hi Jon, My wife and I are getting a divorce and we are splitting up the accounts we owe, she is to pay a loan we have and I am going to pay our 2 credit cards. We are outlining this in the divorce. What happens if she does not pay the loan? All […]