My Business in The EU Went Bust, What Can I Do?


Question Hi Jon, I had a shop in the EU for a few years and business was good, we sold souvenirs and stuff like that at a resort area, and business was good. Then when the virus hit and the lock-downs and no travel, were out of business. I still owe rent on the shop, […]

Moving From One Country to Another With Debt

boarding pass and passport

The skies are beginning to open up again, and many of us are planning holidays abroad, and to just go away for awhile. However, there are those that are considering or looking to move to another country on a more permanent basis, move away for a few years, or possibly a retirement, or long-term move. […]

Making Payments To Debts In Other Countries

various currencies

I have written before about paying debts you may have left in another country. For one reason or another, you move to a different country, you may have a job, you may take out a loan or a credit card, and then for some when their Visa to stay in the new country ends, they […]

Bilkish Is Chasing Me For a Debt I Left In Kuwait

Kuwait flag

Question Leased a car in Kuwait in 2007, left Kuwait in 2008, quite quickly to be honest. Left the car & letter at Kuwait Finance House. Nothing heard since, early Jan 2022 Bilkish contacted me via my Current employer (LinkedIn search) saying I have a dept of KD 5,899.100 They have threatened me with a […]

I Am Worried About Unpaid Accounts I Left in Dubai


Question Jon, I recently returned from Dubai due to losing my job, which meant I lost my Visa to stay in the country. I have a few debts thee and am worried about what may happen. I just only got back in the UK and will not be working for a few months. What will […]

I Left a Loan in KSA, Can Interpol Stop Me When I Travel?

Plane taking off

Question Worked in KSA 2017-2018. Took a loan. Final exit successful. Haven’t been able to pay. Now they are threatening Interpol. It seems the debt was sold off to Bilkish. I’ve got emails from Bilkish, tahseel, and sabb. I am currently working in Korea for another few months and am terrified about clearing customs. I’ve […]

Do I Still Owe a Debt If The Bank Merges With Another Bank?


Question Hi Jon, I left Abu Dhabi in 2015 with a 35,500aed debt with First Gulf bank. Since 2016 I have been paying a UK solicitor (regularly from 2018) but its like pulling teeth when I ask for a statement of payments. Also First Gulf bank emerge with Abu Dhabi bank in 2017, In February […]