How Do I Continue Payments If I Move Abroad?

passport and Visa

Question Jon, I am hoping to immigrant to the EU this year. I have planned it for years and now reaching retirement age, I want to go. I have a few accounts to pay here in England, which I can afford to pay, but I am unsure as to how to continue these payments, and […]

Moving From One Country to Another With Debt

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The skies are beginning to open up again, and many of us are planning holidays abroad, and to just go away for awhile. However, there are those that are considering or looking to move to another country on a more permanent basis, move away for a few years, or possibly a retirement, or long-term move. […]

Making Payments To Debts In Other Countries

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I have written before about paying debts you may have left in another country. For one reason or another, you move to a different country, you may have a job, you may take out a loan or a credit card, and then for some when their Visa to stay in the new country ends, they […]

Can a US Bank Chase Me For Payments In Scotland?

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Question Hi Jon, I need some advice on some accounts I left unpaid in America. I lived there for 5 years, but moved back to Scotland just recently when the travel restrictions were lifted. I owe about $10,000 in the US, a couple of credit cards, and a loan I took out. I am now […]