Will I Be Responsible For My Partner’s Debts?

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Question I have lived with my partner for 20 years now and they have been diagnosed with and only have a few months left to live. We want to get married to finalise matters, but they have a lot of debt. I am concerned if we get married I will then be responsible for their […]

Today In UK Debt: 27/04/2022

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The Cost Of Moving House We all know that it is not cheap to move house. You have the actual cost of moving, physically packing up all your belongings and having them moved to another location. I call moving day, the day you touch everything you own. You also have the expense of setting up […]

Do Not Go Into Debt For These 4 Things

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This little list of what not to go into debt for is obviously going to be subjective, as there are those that feel borrowing money for anything or any reason is OK, as long as you can afford to repay the debt. And to some extent, that is all fine and OK. However, not everyone […]

Debt and Inflation Catching Up With Us All: Especially If on Benefits


I just read some news that was a bit not nice, “Universal Credit Claimants Overwhelmed By Debt”. Not a good sign. But it is a sign of the times….unfortunately. The Times They Are a Changing… So sang Robert Zimmerman…look it up. And our times are changing now. Inflation is up, wages are not keeping pace, […]

Being In Debt Costs Us More Money Than Others Not In Debt

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For some borrowers, we take out a credit card, get a loan, finance a car, and simply pay the payments each month, knowing we are paying some form of interest. Borrowing money, taking out credit is not free. Unless you get zero percent interest rates….which not many of us will receive. So we know borrowing […]

Debt Has Cycles And Does Work With Economies


Without debt there would be no economy or spending. Bold statement…but true. A quick synapse of this is as follows: As consumers we spend money. This money we spend makes the economy run and grow. We also use credit to spend the money we are spending. We may find ourselves in debt or insolvent through […]

A New Year A New Year’s Resolution

New Year 2022

Here we are in 2022, a New Year, a new beginning, and hopefully not nursing a hangover. There is a lot of hope for the New Year, hope that we can get back to a new normal way of living. Of course there will be some changes, and financially it is being proposed we will […]

The Price You Pay For Being In Debt


What is the price you pay for being in debt? It is not your immortal Soul…..but there is a price. So what is the price or prices you pay for being in debt? I will only address two (2) here, but there are more. Interest and Charges For many people who are in debt and […]

Debt And Credit In a Digital Age

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Sometimes I cast my mind back, back to a time when if you needed a loan, you went to your local bank, spoke to the Bank Manager or Loan Officer, completed a loan application and waited. You waited for the loan committee to meet, usually on a Wednesday, and they approved your loan. In some […]