I Think I Need To Go Bankrupt

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Question I believe I need to go bankrupt. I have done some research on your web site, and also on others. I owe £50,000 plus from a failed business, I have no real assets in my name, I live with my partner, and he is not on any of the loans, and I am not […]

I Need Advice On What To Do With My Credit Card Debt

Question Jon, I owe a lot of money, over £15,000 and it is all on credit cards. I just kept taking card after card out and using them to their limit spending mostly online. I had deliveries almost everyday for a long time. My flat looks great, and I have more than I need, but […]

I Am Closing My Business And Have Debts And Am Unsure What To Do?

Question I have an interesting debt problem, and I hope you can help. My business is closing down, the trade is just no longer there. I am in retail, just a small privately own shop. I owe about £20,000 in debts, and still owe on my rent for the shop, and also I am late […]

I Want To Go Bankrupt To Get a Fresh Start

Question Jon, I will give you an overview of my situation, and then also let you know my plans. I would just like a second opinion. I met my ex-wife at uni and were married and now have 2 children. My debts are as follows: 1 Credit card with a balance of about £3,000 A […]

Should I Go Bankrupt?

Question Hi Jon, I am currently in an IVA, but am struggling with the payments due to increased expenses. My gas and electricity have gone up when my tariff ended last month. I also am earning less as my shifts have been reduced. I am wondering if bankruptcy is not the best way for me […]

I Am Stressed About My Debt And Need Advice!

Question Hi and I hope you can provide some advice. I was placed on furlough when the pandemic hit, and now have been made redundant. I have a lot of debt due to living off of credit cards and trying to manage paying my mortgage. I am tired of it all. I looked into an […]

How Do I Go Bankrupt?

Question I want to go bankrupt, but I do not know how to do this or what happens? Rog Answer Hi Rog, Without more information, it is difficult to advise if bankruptcy is your best option. Bankruptcy is a form of insolvency, and does affect your credit, just as all forms of insolvency can. However […]

I Need Some Advice On How To Handle My Debts Now That I Am Redundant.

Question Jon, I have £20,000 of debt from a few credit cards, and some consolidation loans. I tried to consolidate the credit card debt on 2 occasions but I just kept using the cards. I was on furlough due to the virus, but have now been made redundant. There are jobs to be had, but […]

I Am In a Token Payment Plan And Getting Nowhere. What Can I Do?

Question Jon your advice to people is greatly appreciated, and I need some of it. I was made redundant a few years back, and entered into a debt management plan at that time. I have only found part-time work here and there over the past few years. When the pandemic hit I went to a […]

Can I Include a Loan To My Employer In Bankruptcy?

Question Thank you for taking my question, my situation is slightly different than most people in debt. I owe my employer £5,000, in addition to 2 credit cards, and some old business loans I have from years ago. I am paying them all, and so far on time, but I have no money left over […]