I Am a Pensioner In Debt What Can I Do?

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Question Dear Jon, I am a pensioner age 83 and owe about £9,000 in debt to various credit cards, and a catalogue. I only receive my pension and some help from the state and just cannot afford to pay these debts and live at the same time. I was wondering if you had any advice. […]

Should I Go Bankrupt Due To My Gambling Addiction?

Question Jon I hope you can advise me on this matter. I owe in total over £40,000, which I know is a lot. I owe on a few credit cards, some personal loans I took out to consolidate the credit cards a couple of times, and I also owe 2 family members around £5,000. I […]

How Can I Reduce My Debt to Pay it Back?

Question I’ve got around £2000 debt, not much but it heavy on me. I’m single mum and struggling to pay back and I don’t want to to grow etc. How can I affordably pay it back or can I reduce my debt so it is easier to pay back? Answer Kinga, Is the debt you have […]

What Can I Do To Get out of Debt?

Question Hi Jon, I need some advice on how to get out of the debt I am in. I owe £35,000 due to my business failing, and another £10,000 in personal debts. I am the Director of the company and guaranteed all the business loans. I am back trading, but not at the level I […]

Can I Be Made Bankrupt in The UK For a Debt in Dubai?

Question Hi Jon, I moved to Dubai 5 years ago and lived there 2 years. Once my work contract ended I had to move back to the UK as my work Visa to stay in Dubai had expired and I could not find new work. When I left I had a car on finance and […]

What Is a Token Payment Arrangement?

A token payment arrangement, or token payment plan, is a way to help someone who may be experiencing a major financial change, be in debt, and needs a space or time to sort the matter out. It is similar to the “breathing space” scheme many creditors are offering. How Does a Token Payment Plan Work? […]

What is a Debt Management Plan? And When to Use One to Get Out of Debt.

When trying to find solutions to getting out of debt, there are many, however, not every option is best suited for each person. It can depend on their full set of circumstances. Some questions that need to be addressed prior to someone being advised to which is the best course of action to get out […]

What Are IVA’s/Individual Voluntary Arrangements?

You’ve seen the ads on the Internet: Get Out of Debt Today! New Government Plan to Reduce Your Debt! Pay Back Pennies on the Pound and Eliminate Your Debt? Be Debt Free With Just a Few Simple Steps! Most of these ads are referring to what is called an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Individual […]

How To Get Out Of Debt

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be” Hamlet Act 1, Scene 3 Debt: “The state of owing money to someone, or something”. Debt is a four letter word, and for some people, a dirty four letter word as they wish they were not in it (debt), or do their best to try and avoid it […]