Can I Come Back To The UK For Work Having Left Unpaid Accounts There?

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Question I left the UK about 3 years ago when my student Visa was up. I left a mobile phone account, and a few small credit cards. I have a job offer back in England and am worried these accounts may affect my travels there, or I may be arrested at the airport. Answer Hi, […]

Today in UK Debt: 28/03/2022

HMRC To Do More To Collect Taxes Hey I’m the tax man…. According to the Public Accounts Committee, HMRC’s total tax debt is £39bn….that’s billion! They feel this is on part due to the pandemic. They also feel it needs to be collected. Collecting it can prove tricky. Many of us are struggling with our […]

Today in UK Debt: 24/03/2022

Average Debt in The UK Did you know that the average debt per UK household as of December 2021 was £63,528! Wow! Credit card debt was £2,112, and total unsecured debt was £3,745. And inflation was up as we all know and feel as well. Read the full story and post here. Are We Borrowing […]

Can I Be Chased To India For a Loan In The UK?

Question Hi Jon, I owe HSBC £10k and I need to leave the country due to some issues back home in India. I obviously cannot repay the loan and I need your advice. Can they trace me back in India and force me to collect the debt? Answer Hi, Have you spoke with HSBC regarding […]