What Can I Do To Get out of Debt?

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Question Hi Jon, I need some advice on how to get out of the debt I am in. I owe £35,000 due to my business failing, and another £10,000 in personal debts. I am the Director of the company and guaranteed all the business loans. I am back trading, but not at the level I […]

What Are Third Party Loan Agreements?

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Some questions I have been asked recently and also over the years are things like: I bought a laptop on finance and it has died after 3 months. Do I need to still make the payments? We had a conservatory added to our home and financed it through a lender the builder recommended. The work […]

6 Warning Signs of Impending Debt Problems

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A lot has happened in the past 18 months! We are having a pandemic, the economy has been virtually shut down, travel was very limited, and we could not spend time with family and friends. However, things are changing and getting back to the new normal. As we get out more and shops and stores […]