My Husband Died How Do I Handle His Finances?

rose on a grave

Question Hi, I’m 55 years old & just lost my husband very suddenly (May 2021). I have a lot of finances to sort out & was wanting some advice & help if this is possible? Thank you If I could start with these questions please, I need help to cancel credit cards & council tax […]

Death – Debt – Estates – Taxes

Try to say that a few times in a row. There is a song by a band called the Godfathers from the 80’s I believe entitled, “Birth, School, Work, Death”. And if you like taking matters to the least common denominator, that song does encompass this. I recently have been faced with matters relating to […]

What Happens To My Mum’s Debt When She Dies?

Question Hi Jon, I ask this question on behalf of my 89 year old mum, whose health is failing. She owes around £5,000 in total to a credit card, Vanquis, and also a loan she took out with Lloyds. What happens to these accounts when she dies? She has life insurance to bury her, but […]